"Dream team" won the gold again

2021-07-29 17:17

On the afternoon of July 28, Beijing time, Chinese athletes Xie Sichang and Wang Zongyuan won the championship with a score of 476.82 in the men's double 3M board competition held at the Tokyo water sports center! In January this year, the two athletes won the championship together in the trials of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the world cup. In this competition, Xie Sichang and Wang Zongyuan cooperated with each other and beat the American team to win the first place! The competition also brought the Chinese team back to the top of the Olympic gold medal list.

In recent years, the sports level of various countries has made rapid progress, and the difficulty of men's double 3M board has increased sharply. The two diving players chose a more stable difficulty coefficient, and their excellent performance gave them an advantage at the beginning of the game. After the last jump, the Chinese team opened the gap with the second place by 23.46 points. Two diving players defeated the strong teams of various countries with brilliant experience and completed the perfect Olympic debut. Congratulations to the two Chinese athletes on the way to the "dream of diving".               

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